Ethics and Quality Assurance

All the professionals practising as a part of Health Private Ltd are expected to follow the Code of Good Practice as per their Regulatory Bodies.

All the professionals as a part of Health Private Ltd are expected to provide information on their Registration with their Regulatory Body, up-to-date  DBS Clearance (Disclosure and Barring Service previously known as CRB) and agree to publish their performance feedback matrix on our website.  The professionals are expected to maintain good standards of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to maintain high standards of evidence-based service delivery.

We ensure the quality of our care by making our policy statement structure and feedback mechanism integral to the service delivery.  Health Private Ltd operates on effective policy statements as follows:

Confidentiality Policy

All the professionals to abide by the confidentiality policy as per their Regulatory Body.  This is the required standard to maintain and be responsible for their actions.  In our offices, we ensure maintaining the confidentiality policy as per the GMC Standards, ensuring the paper records are locked away securely when not in use.  We abide by the government guidance on confidentiality in health and social care.

Privacy Policy

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Cookies Policy

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Terms and Conditions

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Equality and Diversity Policy/Statement

Health Private Ltd is committed to make sure that everyone has fair and equal access to our services regardless of their age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion, sexuality and sexual preferences (within legal parameters), marital status and pregnancy.

We ensure that we must not discriminate against anyone, we must recognise and meet people’s needs in different ways. For example, a visually impaired client may need information from us in large print, which we will be happy to provide.  To help us understand the needs of our customers we aim to make sure the clients  are actively involved in decision-making and help us in providing services in accordance to their needs.

Consent Policy

We are committed to adhere to the consent guidance as per the relevant Regulatory Bodies of individual professionals.  We realise that the guidance for consent is based on similar principles by all Regulatory Bodies.  We adhere to the GMC Guidance on Consent for doctors as a principle of good practice.

Green Policy

We are a paper-light company and use a secure database to send and receive confidential information.  We maintain backup records secure in a data holding device which is in a lockable cabinet away from our offices.  We use a high performing shredder to destroy any information which we do not need and whilst we follow our green policy we fully abide by the Golden Rules of Information Governance.

Feedback Policy/Statement

We believe that all of our clients should have a right to provide feedback on our services.  We encourage feedback from all we serve to provide us an opportunity to enhance our services through learning and experiences.  We provide similar opportunities to the professionals providing services on our behalf and the companies purchasing services through Health Private Ltd.  We commit to publish our feedback ratings on the Testimonials page on our website.

Fees Policy/Statement

In accordance to our fees statement:

  1. Any work undertaken for the Law Courts, Solicitor Firms, Insurance Companies, Employment Tribunals (Medico-Legal) will be invoiced once the work is completed with an expectation of payment within 6 weeks period.
  2. Individual and families to pay our fees in advance.  If the appointment does not materialise due to any reason associated with Health Private Ltd professionals we will refund 100% of the fees.
  3. Cancellations with a notice of 48 hours will be eligible for a 90% refund and 10% will be charged as an administration fee.
  4. Cancellation with a notice of 24 hours will be eligible for a 75% refund and 25% will be charged as an administration fee.
  5. All cancellations from the clients without notice will not be eligible for any refund.
  6. Any work undertaken for employers (Businesses/Organisations) will be negotiated on a case per case basis.
  7. All mediation work to be paid in advance.
  8. All work undertaken through video link (Skype) and telephone consultations to be paid in advance.