Ms Zara Le Peuple

Ms Zara Le Peuple has worked with families, couples and individuals in many therapeutic roles over the last 15 years.  When qualifying as a therapist she primarily focused her work following core principles from the person centred approach, accompanying individual modalities with integration of relaxation and grounding techniques to promote positive well being in highly stressful environments.  Her experience with promoting positive well being developed to incorporate mindfulness with hypnotherapy techniques such as PMR, individual scripts and screeds with talking therapy to offer an aid in stress and anxiety reduction and also facilitates group work on this.

Ms Le Peuple has since developed her practice as an integrative psychotherapist with experience working with a range of issues presenting for her clients and is currently employed part time as a psychotherapist working with families and individuals in the care sector.  This work is specialised with the use of goal attainment and behaviour changes, delivering 1:1 therapeutic intervention work and facilitating well being groups.  Previous to this Ms Le Peuple worked in the voluntary sector for 15 months delivering 1:1 counselling, drop in support services and specialised targeted group work to young people.

Ms Le Peuple’s experience not only has developed from her client work but with many training courses, workshops and further continued professional development work during her time as a practising therapist.  She has experience in such issues as emotional regulation and behavioural issues – including anxiety, anger and depression, self harm, eating disorders, OCD, phobias, habits and addiction, previous trauma including abuse, domestic violence, grief and loss and relationship work on conflict resolution and communication.

As an integrative psychotherapist Ms Le Peuple uses a range of techniques personally and specifically targeted to each individual and the work they are completing.  She has studied and interoperated more techniques as she has developed and utilises each technique to best suit each client.  Ms Le Peuple is particularly passionate about the use of creative work within sessions and has recently studied therapeutic art for use with clients, incorporating this to other creative work such as , diary writing, creative writing, painting, drawing, modelling, sand work, stone work and memory jars.

Ms Le Peuple is committed to further training to develop skills and techniques and will be completing a higher diploma in Cognitive behavioural therapy in September.


Diploma in counselling skills and hypnotherapy (Dip Hyp PC)

Diploma in psychotherapeutic counselling (Dip PC)

Advanced diploma in psychotherapeutic counselling (Ad Dip PC)

Fully accredited member of NCS ( MNCS (Accred))

Undertaking level 5 Diploma in CBT as of September 2017

CPD accreditation Diplomas in life coaching and therapeutic art

CPD accredited certificate in EFT




Integrative psychotherapist fully accredited with NCS (national counselling society) MNCS (Accred)

Integrative Psychotherapist


Creative therapies and relaxation work for the treatment of many issues such as- emotional regulation with anger, anxiety, low moods / depression, stress, self esteem / self worth issues, grief and loss, insight into emotional needs.

Goal attainment for behavioural change, such as addiction, habits and phobias but also self and identity work.

Ms Le Peuple is not currently taking private bookings with clients at this time but will be facilitating group work on specifically targeted subjects around positive well-being.

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Ms Zara Le Peuple