Our standard fee structure

Consultant Psychiatrists

Urgent Assessments to be seen same day or within 1 week

Initial Assessment for Adult                                £ 500

Initial Assessment for Children (12-18)             £ 650

Planned Assessments usually seen 1 week following referrals

Initial Assessment (up to 90 minutes) £ 350
Follow-up (up to 60 minutes) £ 250
Telephone Consultation £ 30 per 10 minutes
Skype Consultation/ Online Services £ 250 per session
*All types of medico-legal work As per the agreed per hour rate
Occupational Health Specialist Reports As per the agreed per hour rate
*Medical Insurance As per insurance companies entitlement

*We undertake all Legal Aid work as per Benchmark

*We undertake all Medical Insurance work including BUPA, PruHealth, Cigna, Aviva, Standard Life, AXA PPP).  Please contact your insurance provider first to check your entitlement.


Neuropsychologists £ 250 per hour
Psychologists £ 150 per hour
Counsellors £ 100 per hour
CBT Therapists £ 125 per hour
EMDR Therapists £ 150 per hour

Professional Practitioners

Registered Mental Health Nurses £ 80 per hour
Best Interest Assessors £ 200 per referral

Extra Charges

Sick Note £ 40.00

Letter to Employer or other Agencies £ 50.00

Prescription FREE as part of your consultation then £25.00 for further prescription

Pre-marital Compatibility Evaluation

This assessment is designed to evaluate couple’s relationship in depth and consists of 6 hours face to face evaluation. This evaluation comprises individual and couple’s assessments, subjective and objective evaluations, influence of significant others and family dynamics. After the evaluation the couple is provided comprehensive jointly written report by psychiatrist and psychologist. The fee for the Pre-marital Compatibility Evaluation is £2500.


We undertake all forms of mediation work and is estimated from £ 1000 to £ 1500 per day depending on the complexity of the matter.

Financial Friendly Solutions for Businesses

We provide inclusive and comprehensive service packages to the businesses within the economic expectation and in keeping with the cost improvement programmes.  We encourage businesses to contact us on admin@health-private.co.uk for further information.

Clinic Venues

We primarily provide services within the South West and South East regions of England but hold capacity to provide services across the UK. There is no costs attached to our Basingstoke office but there is a small charge of £10 – £30 as booking fees for organising a local venue closer to your home.  We mainly use Regus offices to provide our services.

Home Visits

We provide home visits at an additional cost of £50 per visit.  We may request presence of a chaperon during our professional visit.


In situations when our professionals travel to any venue, the mileage is charged at the standard HMRC rate of £ 0.45p per mile.


Fees Policy/Statement

In accordance to our fees statement:

  1. Any work undertaken for the Law Courts, Solicitor Firms, Insurance Companies, Employment Tribunals (Medico-Legal) will be invoiced once the work is completed with an expectation of payment within 6 weeks period.
  2. Individual and families to pay our fees in advance.  If the appointment does not materialise due to any reason associated with Health Private Ltd professionals we will refund 100% of the fees.
  3. Cancellations with a notice of 48 hours will be eligible for a 90% refund and 10% will be charged as an administration fee.
  4. Cancellation with a notice of 24 hours will be eligible for a 75% refund and 25% will be charged as an administration fee.
  5. All cancellations from the clients without notice will not be eligible for any refund.
  6. Any work undertaken for employers (Businesses/Organisations) will be negotiated on a case per case basis.
  7. All mediation work to be paid in advance.
  8. All work undertaken through video link (Skype) and telephone consultations to be paid in advance.